Unexpected Enchant!

The Isle of Wight!

When you travel to England, you may fall in love with any number of things, like afternoon tea or cosy cottages. But after my visit to the Isle of Wight, which lies four miles off the coast of Hampshire, I was surprised with the delight.. The weather was bright and warm in the sunshine, it felt great after the long walk in the deserted beach.. We stayed in the caravans which were not less than any fully furnished 4 bedroom apartments with balcony and wonderful view.

We visited the Needle point on the second day and trust me it was a great value day out!

The Needle Park is a magnet for families, drawn to the western tip of the Isle of Wight to enjoy the combination of its amazing geology, a famous cable- car chairlift down the cliffs, and a range of family attractions along the clifftop side.


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